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History and Expertise

Zoo-AR is an education and technology company founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of Geomedia, Inc., a full service turn key production company based in San Antonio, Texas. Geomedia has been in the Production, Animation, and Visual Effects market since 1994, and has over a century of combined experience walking through the halls. Moving away from our roots in traditional advertising and marketing, we created Zoo-AR with the idea that we could change the way kids learn.

For years we've witnessed educators struggle with interaction and attention in kids who would rather be somewhere else. We witnessed this both in our personal lives with our own children and their friends, but also professionally - in our experiences as faculty members and partners on a variety of educational initiatives with other clients. What we realized is that we possessed a very unique set of tools and talents making us a perfect fit in an area that literally holds the future in the balance.

We have a unique team of Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Instructional Technologists, and Studio Artists who create some of the most visually compelling content in the industry today. The same people who were creating the most beautiful toy labels yesterday that kids couldn't help but have, are now teaching those same kids about conservation and educating them on how they can change the world. To quote the late Randy Pausch, it's what we like to call, the "Head Fake". We tell kids they're playing a game and looking at animals. But in reality we're teaching them more than any sign or plaque ever could, and we're building into them a true understanding of conservation, and ways they can help. We are quite literally training tomorrows scientists, biologists, and zoologists.

But here's the real head fake - are you ready? Not only are we totally increasing the value of a zoo attendance, we're changing learning. Forever. We're showing educators, teachers, researchers, and faculty around the world that this is how kids want to learn. Not only do you have their full attention, you have their inquiry and their passion too. It really boils down to a simple question - when was the last time you saw kids reacting to their school books the way they do to our technology?

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Jeremy Kenisky

Co-Founder & CEO

Having been a former University Professor, Jeremy's passion for education, mentoring and giving back is evident in many of the things he does. With 10 years of experience in Computer Graphics, Jeremy has witnessed this industry evolve. Also a committed volunteer to ACM SIGGRAPH, Jeremy is on the leading edge of CG and the intersection of art and technology. Jeremy is very naive and still thinks good ideas can change the world.


Murray Breit

Co-Founder & CFO

Murray has years of experience running a variety of businesses, both retail and service. Having sold software for many years when computers were first coming around, Murray is uniquely poised to direct our day to day business operations and business development. As an owner in Geomedia, Inc., Murray also has nearly two decades of experience running a post production studio. Additionally, when we can't record real animal sounds for a particular species, we usually have Murray step in and give it a shot. He has a ridiculously good hyena laugh!

Jeff Chesnut

Product Development

Jeff leadsthe Product Development team at Zoo-AR, among a variety of other administrative tasks. Also one of our lead researchers, Jeff graduated from American University in Washington DC many moons ago and hasn't looked back. One of his core responsibilites is making sure the development of our product stays true to our goals of being thought provoking and inquiry driven.

Marybeth Green

PhD., Instructional Technology

Dr. Green is a faculty member at Texas A & M Kingsville where she leads the Instructional Technology department, and is also in charge of Career Services, helping students find work once they've graduated. She has contributed to Zoo-AR on several levels, giving her time to help us understand things like indirect learning, and inquiry driven education. She currently advises us on different modules we create and how to get the highest educational bang for our buck.

Donald Hawkins

Educational Consultant

A Ph.D candidate in Educational Development, Donald is also an Education Specialist at Region 20. Having created a number if iBook apps and other instructional and field trip types of applications for school groups, Donald was an obvious must-have for our team. A passion for education and all things tech, Donald brings a unique perspective to the team while still helping us stay grounded. His contributions to Zoo-AR have so far been on a consulting basis - and we can't be more pleased to have him.

Troy West

Director of Business Development

With an education in finance and a professional background in technology and interactive, Troy, our Director of Business Development, is responsible for leading the charge in introducing our product to interested zoos, aquariums, and museums around the world. Troy comes to Zoo-AR from Unity Technologies, the most popular 3D game engine and interactive platform in the world.